Printing Services

USC Printing Services
is designed, staffed, and equipped to provide excellent quality single and multi-color printing, finishing, and binding services, with a wide variety of papers to fulfill your job requirements. Printing Services continues to provide the best, most efficient, and cost-effective printing for the University and continues to offer new and exciting services as new technologies are available.

The Director of Printing Services will determine whether to produce your work in-house or to have commercial contractors bid on the work. Determination is based on work load in the campus facility and/or special equipment requirements.

Please click here to see the USC Policy and Procedures relating to University Printing Services.

Departmental copiers are placed through the USC Copier Center, which is located in the USC Printing Services Department. Please click here to see the USC Policy and Procedures relating to the Copier Center.


Printing Services' full service print shop, the university's marketing mail, and the campus distribution operation are all located at 1600 Hampton Street (corner of Hampton and Pickens Streets).

Printing Services @ Russell House

Printing Services also has a Quick Copy Center, located in the Russell House Carolina Underground, that provides high quality, high speed copies and a wide range of services including folding, laminating, and scanning.