Always send a printout of your completed file (using a laser printer, for example) including any written instructions.
If possible, send laser printouts of color separations for multiple color jobs.
Please do not send your (only) original digital file. Make a copy and send the copy to us. Printing Services is not responsible for corrupted or lost files.
Files may be emailed to artwork@printing.sc.edu for jobs to be printed at 1600 Hampton Street or russellhouseartwork@printing.sc.edu for jobs to be printed at the Russell House.  Files may also be sent by other electronic means, such as FTP or use of the Public Folder.
  Artwork email addresses are to be used for artwork file submission ONLY!  Print request forms emailed to artwork@printing.sc.edu or rhqc@printing.sc.edu will not be checked, as physical copies of print requests with signatures are required for work to be performed.  Thank you.

Call 777-5146 for more information



Make sure your software program is supported by Printing Services (you can check by going to our software page). If the software applications listed there are not available to you, you may supply camera ready artwork or call to see what other arrangements can be made.


Macintosh or IBM formatted high density 3.5" diskette
Macintosh or IBM formatted Iomega 100MB and 250MB ZIP Disks
Flash Drive

Art and Fonts:

Two-color jobs should be created using spot colors.
Full-color jobs should be created using process colors.
Provide all EPS, TIFF, JPEG, or other graphics files used in creating your document (example: photographs, logos and artwork imported into your document).
Include all fonts used in your document (Macintosh users - remember to include both screen and printer fonts unless they are TrueType Fonts)
Printing Services will be happy to answer any color reproduction questions you may have.

Facts to Know:

Camera-Ready refers to black and white reproduction quality copy of type, logo and/or artwork, ready for reproduction without additional touch-up. Camera-ready items should be submitted at 100% size of document to be printed.
Faxes, photocopies, or laser printed pages with excessive amounts of whiteout are NOT considered camera-ready.