Sending Files Electronically

The "Public" folder is a directory available only to on-campus customers of Printing Services to     transfer files without the need for a floppy, ZIP disk, CD, or flash drive. Always remember to reference the time/date of transfer and the FILENAME on the Printing Request Form to ensure the correct version of the file will be used.

Printing Services also has an FTP server which is available to both on-campus and off-campus customers to transfer files electronically.

Files may be emailed to for jobs to be printed at 1600 Hampton Street, or for jobs to be printed at the Russell House.

Artwork email addresses are to be used for artwork file submission ONLY!  Print request forms emailed to or will not be checked, as physical copies of print requests with signatures are required for work to be performed.  Thank you.

For instructions on how to use these services, please call 777-5146.